Digital Publishing, Motion, Voice over

The Australian Marketing Institute

Australian Institute of Marketing approached us to design and create a digital brochure that presents the finalists and winners of the Marketing Excellence Awards 2015, showcases commemorative photographs of the ceremony and promotes the event’s sponsors.
As it was a complete transition from a print publication to a pure digital publication, we guided AMI all the way through. We developed a modern ebrochure, very easy to read across all devices and engaging for readers.
We also shot videos and produced motion design and voice overs for the ceremony.



We created a publication that works well across all platforms (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phablets, phones), which is engaging while transmitting the idea that AMI inspires innovation within the Marketing industry.


When the publication doesn't need to be printed, we can really make the best of the digital format. We designed a layout that is optimised for an online reading experience and for interactive features: large fonts, large images, buttons for what is clickable... The goal was to make it easy to read and attractive.


In the flipbook ebrochure, we used extensively lightbox pop-ups and scrollbars as they are extremely useful to reduce the length of the copy in the pages. This way, we can have lighter pages and focus on the campaign materials and on photos. The addition of videos, animations and call-to-action buttons makes the publication more engaging and interactive.

Bounce rate under 20%, average 3.14 minutes visit length, 50%+ of pages viewed per session

With a bounce rate on the publication under 20%, an average of 3.14 minutes visit length and more than 50% of the pages viewed per session, we are getting great results and awesome feedback.


Printing brochures in 2015 are a little dated, and although it’s what the Australian Marketing Institute has done in the past, it felt contradictory to continue the tradition for an organisation that should be at the forefront of marketing and the digital world. When considering cost and the life span of print brochures, the e-book is a far more cost efficient option. Easily accessible, and our audience can continue to enjoy the e-book for the future Marketing Excellence Awards.

Rania Poullos, Marketing and Communications Specialist at the AMI